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The MagiCue 15" Studio Prompter Plus Package with Studio Software is a complete, modular teleprompting solution supporting cameras ranging from mini DV to ENG. It includes a downloadable PC/Mac compatible MagiCue Studio software, which is suited for large studio setups and on-the-fly revisions. The modular design of the teleprompter allows for riser-less positioning, allowing the camera to remain stationery while letting the pad and hood unit be lowered into an optimal viewing position. A 60/40 beamsplitter glass clearly displays scrolling text from up to a 17 ft reading range.

The system includes a 15" LCD monitor offering HDMI, DVI, VGA, and Composite inputs and an HDMI output. It works with any standard size tripod supporting the required payload capacity. Assembly/disassembly is toolless, and the system folds flat for convenient transport and storage.

Key Features

  • Modular teleprompting solution supporting mini DV to ENG cameras
  • Riser-less positioning allows the camera to remain stationery and the pad and hood unit to be lowered
  • 15" LCD monitor with HDMI, DVI, VGA, and Composite inputs and HDMI output
  • 17 ft reading range
  • 60/40 beamsplitter glass
  • Carbon fiber rods
  • 150mm lens opening
  • Toolless assembly
  • Folds flat for transport and storage
  • Weighs 7 lb


Software MagiCue Pro

  • Motor de desplazamiento de pantalla dual
  • Pantalla secundaria espejo
  • Pantalla de operador de un cuarto de tamaño
  • Control de sensibilidad
  • Importar RTF
  • Importar TXT
  • Fuentes en blanco y negro
  • Fuentes de color
  • Soporte completo de Unicode
  • Fondo blanco y negro
  • Función de buscar y reemplazar
  • Opción de controlador inalámbrico
  • Justificación de texto izquierda / centro / derecha
  • Función deshacer
  • Espaciado de línea variable
  • Tamaño / color / estilo de fuente preestablecido
  • Soporte de pedal


300.000,00$ Precio
250.000,00$Precio de oferta
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